Virgo Agent Toolkit Documentation

A lightweight, open source, cross-platform agent toolkit written in C with an embedded asynchronous LuaJit runtime.

Virgo works on most Linux distributions, Windows 2008+, and OSX. We support the following architectures as well: ARM, i686, and x86_64. If LuaJit supports a system, then Virgo does as well. Theoretically, Virgo will run on MIPS and PPC , but we have not tested against these systems.

We aim to create a cross-platform agent that supports a low memory and CPU footprint. The Rackspace Monitoring Agent uses this framework and runs in about 6 MB of Resident Memory. On Windows, it runs in about 4.5 MB of memory.



Unless noted otherwise, all of the examples and code snippets in the documentation are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.